How to become a joint venture partner

1. Before becoming a joint venture partner, you need to have a joint venture account. Please fill in the account with true information.
2.Account information can be selected as real or virtual information to join. If you want to bind a USDT address, please contact the agent customer service.
3. Read the cooperation agreement carefully. It will be read by default after successful registration.
4.Wait for review by the joint venture department, the review time is within 30 minutes, and the application can be passed within 10 minutes at the fastest.

How to earn commission for referring players

1. Once you qualify for the ESABET affiliate program, you will receive an exclusive affiliate link.
2. Promote your affiliate link online. Members who register through your affiliate link will be recognized as your subordinates.
3. ESABET will pay you a commission based on the revenue generated by your referrals.

How to check detailed promotion data

1. Your subordinates‘ data is completely transparent. You can login the management system at any time to observe the details of your members, their betting activities, win/loss situations, and check the current commission.
2. We are committed to the data provided by the database, if there is a discrepancy between the back office report and the report provided by the database due to settlement or betting time, or any other uncontrollable factors, the data from our database will prevail.

How to promote

Suggest you can promote through social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, X (former Twitter), LinkedIn, telegram, etc. or YouTube, TikTok, Kwai short video and live streaming platforms and search engines such as Google etc. If you have your own website, you can also ask our specialists for promotional images.