Commission Program

Monthly active players Commission rate
Commission Calculation

Slots commissions:
(Platform win/lose-platform fee-sales bonus-favorable) X commission rate

Other types of commissions:
(Platform win/lose-platform fee-sales bonus-favorable) X commission rate
*Description of platform fee:The leasing fee we need to remit to the platform provider, calculated at 10%.


1. It is strictly prohibited for agents share the same IP address and name with the subordinate players, if the player and affiliate is the same person, the winnings of players will be deducted for the current month.
2. Any attempts to deceive and obtain commissions through dishonest methods will result in the permanent suspension of the affiliate's account, and commissions will not be issued.
3. If the agent provides inaccurate registration information that leads to withdrawal issues, we are not responsible to deal with it.
4. If the franchisee leaks the identity of the agent, resulting in complaints from players, the partnership with the agent will be terminated upon verification.
5. If an agent has not logged in or attracted new members for over 6 months, the profits in the agent's account will be temporarily cleared.
6. Subordinate players of the agent who have not made deposits for 6 months will no longer be retained under the affiliate due to data integration.
7. Agents who have not attracted new active member accounts for more than 3 months will be disabled (can be re-enabled).
8. Affiliates who have not attracted any valid members for over 6 months ,the commissions in the account will be deducted and will be disabled (cannot be re-enabled).